The plans for this project include a 40+ page manual of detailed computer generated drawings, dimensions, instructions, and procedures in an easy to follow step-by-step process for the fabrication, assembly, and installation of a hydraulically actuated scissor-action lift dump bed.


This manual provides:

  • Step-by-step detailed instructions outlining the entire process in a straight forward start-to-finish approach.
  • A comprehensive listing of all the necessary parts, supplies, tools, and skills.
  • Estimated project and component costs, including manufacturer and supplier information.
  • Detailed construction drawings for all assemblies and components.
  • And vehicle installation instructions.
 Important Notes: The plans are primarily geared around providing the exact and precise parts lists, drawings, details, instructions, and procedures to buy, fabricate, and build the hydraulically actuated scissor assembly itself.  This assembly can easily be incorporated into just about any vehicle or trailer.  These plans do not provide the individual components or specifics for the exact installation of the assembly on your exact vehicle or application.  The plans do provide general dimensions, guidelines, instructions, and details for the attachment of the scissor assembly - but it will be necessary for you to design, fabricate, and install the appropriate mounting points on your particular application.  Rest assured, this is not overly complex - especially if your are confident in your abilities enough to build the scissor, you will certainly be able to engineer and install the necessary mounting points. 

Please read over the Questions section of the site to ensure you understand exactly what the plans provide.        

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