Typical Questions and Answers
Q – Where did these plans come from?

A – We created these plans.  By using a professional factory-made dump assembly as our model we outlined and detailed all the necessary parts and components and assembly instructions to provide a means for just about anyone to build-one-themselves.

Q – Did you personally design the scissor and dump assembly?

A – No, the design concepts and principals used in the plans have been around and in continual use for years.  We in no way take any credit for the design of the assemblies or parts.

Q – Why do some of the real-life pictures not match the computer generated parts/pictures?

A – Some minor design modifications have been incorporated into our plans for ease of construction.  These plans are geared towards a person with the necessary skills coupled with a setup of regularly available metal-working tools.  Some of the original design components that required commercial grade equipment production have been redesigned to allow for an easier, more non-commercial, fabrication.
Q – Can I give copies of the plans to my friends? A – No.  These plans are copyrighted and cannot be copied or distributed for any use other than as ‘backup’ purposes for the original intended owner.
Q – How soon will I get the plans? A – An email containing the download instructions for the plans will usually be delivered within a few hours.  Under certain circumstances (weekends, holidays, etc.) it may be a few days before the instructions arrive.  If you have not received the instructions or any correspondence from us after 3 or 4 days, please follow these instructions.
Q – How can I be sure that I have the necessary tools and am capable of building this assembly? A – Read the Abilities section on the 'More Information' page.
Q – Do you sell any parts or supplies for these plans/kits?

A – No.  We only sell plans.  But our plans do provide names, addresses and numbers for manufacturer and supplier information for all the necessary parts and components.

If you are looking for an already made kit - check here.

Q – Are there any parts needed that are really hard to find? A – No.  The plans have been designed to use standard readily available parts and supplies.
Q – Are these plans specific for my exact vehicle? A – No.  We get a lot of questions about ‘Will this fit my xxxx truck?’.  These plans specifically define the exact parts and procedures to build the entire scissor assembly and the hinge components.  THEY DO NOT PROVIDE THE EXACT COMPONENTS AND PARTS NECESSARY TO ATTACH THE SCISSOR TO THE VEHICLE!!!  They do provide general samples and examples for the upper and lower attachment points from the scissor assembly to the underside of the bed and the vehicle frame.  It is your responsibility to design the necessary mount points for your particular application.
Q – Will these plans work for a mini/compact pickup or a trailer? A – Yes – But….  As these plans are not specific for every possible application and it is your responsibility to design the necessary mount points for the scissor assembly – you will need to compare the overall dimensions from the Technical Specs section to ensure that adequate clearance room exists to incorporate the scissors and all necessary mounting parts and components under the bed and between the frame rails.

Q – Will these plans work with a truck that has a fifth-wheel hitch?

A – Yes.  But we would not advise it.  It would be quite a challenge to make enough space for both the dump bed components and the hitch under the bed.  Not to mention there will be a hole in the middle of the bed.
Q - What if I don't have the tools, time, or abilities to build the assemblies and I'd rather just buy an already made kit that bolt's-on with minimal or no fabrication necessary? A - Visit Stealth Dump Trucks.  They sell a variety of high-quality professional kits for various different applications.  Checkout their 1st Generation Kits with the pivot-down rear bumper or their Patent Pending 'Over the Bumper Dumper' kits.


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Q – What do I do if I have a technical problem or don’t understand something about the plans?

A – Email problem@dumpbeds.com and explain all of the relevant information about your problem. We will respond as soon as possible.

Q – How long will it take to build and install everything?

A – It is truly impossible for us to predict the exact timeframe required for this project as way too many variables exist; the quality and speed of your metal working tools, your fabrication skills, the availability of tools and help beyond your abilities, etc.  Rest assured that if you are comfortable with your tools, skills, and abilities – you should be able to clearly identify the necessary timeframes.

Q – What maintenance should be done on the dump bed assembly? A – A thorough inspection of the entire setup should be conducted any and every time it is used or planned on being used.  Check for loose or worn parts.  Verify everything is working properly and securely attached.  All moving points should be routinely cleaned and lubricated.  And as always, be alert to any strange noises or movements that may indicate a problem.
Q – Do you have any other do-it-yourself plans? A – Not yet.  We are planning a few other things – but it all depends on the success of these plans.

Q - I paid for my plans a few days ago and I have not received anything yet.

A- Email us at noplansyet@dumpbeds.com. Also Check to make sure your email address is accurate as listed on your PayPal account.  We constantly receive numerous payments from people with email address that do not work.  You will always receive some type of response from us about your order, if you have not received this within 3 or 4 days, please email us so we can figure out what is going on.
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